City Championships this week

17. October 2006 | Category: 50outs

After a two (very) good weeks playing the new $50/100 and $100/200 on PokerStars yesterday the inevitable backswing occured. I was up something ridicoulous to the tune of 35 BB/100 during the course of 3.500 hands (how do you spell rush?) when reality sat in again and I lost 6 sessions straight, multiple buyins in each. When the dust cleared I was still up like 7 BB/100 but now on scared money so I took the (remaining) money and ran.

***EDIT 10/18: Sorry for any misunderstandings but I was not up 35 BB/100 over all those those 3,500 hands (which would have been about 500k), I was up 35BB/100 DURING that rush. Also those hands from those two weeks included some 50/100 and 30/60, moneywise I never touched 6-digits (but almost). Final result is about one third of it. Sorry again, I was not pretending to kill the game that much 😀 ***

This week Katja and I will play those tournaments:

1) Oct. 17 (today) €200+10 in Casino Schenefeld
2) Oct. 19 (Thursday) €300+15 in Spielbank Hamburg
3) Oct. 20+21 (Fri/Sat) €525 “HH-City Championships” with two rebuys and one add-on (€100)

The last event will (relatively) huge with like 60 players. I hear it is almost sold out already so if you have no seat yet – hurry up.

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