Trouble with Chappi

7. January 2007 | Category: 50outs

Katja is playing her second day at the PCA today. She is kind of shortstacked with 20,200 and the average at least 40k, also a TV creaw is following her all day, so I really hope she can win a hand or two early on to be able to play her game. She was in much better shape earlier in the tournament she said but there have been two horrible hands that almost busted her, down to 10k. Late in the day she was able to double-up. Otherwise looks like all is OK for her, last night when we talked she was playing Chinese Poker with two guys in her hotel room… the good thing about living with a pokerpro/being a pokerpro is that chance those stories are actual the truth is very high… 😉

I myself still go play live every night. Every night. The action is incredible. I am sure it will slow down over the next days a bit when everybody cools down after the holiday crazyness but right now the game is still rocking.

After that deadly invitation last Monday I had no more such bad nights but several very good ones. Yesterday we played in Casino Schenefeld after their 200 NLH tourney (no score for me, 6th with 5 ITM when I lost 88 vs 96s). Afterwards the pot limit table filled up quickly.

ChappiWhen Peyman ‘Chappi’ busted out of the tourney in 5th place he also joined the game. Usually we two get along pretty well but not yesterday. Right after he joined the game in seat number #2 (Hassan as always in #1, my seat #4) trouble started. In his second hand he posted the small blind (10) and after the BB (20) I posted a live straddle (40). Several players folded, someone raised to 100, Hassan called. Chappi took a 10 euro chip, announced “call” and throwed the chip. We told him that the bet is a 100. He tried to take back his money. I explained that the house rule is that verbal declarations in turn are binding and that he has to call the 100. He rejected, calling me “idiot” in the process. That kind of bothered me because he was serious. I mean, you got to pay attention. There was a live straddle, announced by the dealer, a raise and a call to the raise and still he missed it all. Throwing that 10 chip shows that he had not paid attention to the hand at all so far. He asked the dealer for a different decision but the dealer said that he has to call the 100. Then he asked the floormen but the floorman also said he had to call the 100. Still not getting what he wanted he asked for the poker manager. We all had to wait until the poker manager got searched, informed and came over. Peyman tried to convince the poker manager by showing him his hand that he would never call 100 with “this hand”, lol. The ruling was very clear, quick and the poker manager allowed no further discussion: Peyman had to call.

That would not have been a big deal but somehow he crossed a line. Peyman is famous for his angle shooting (the type of guy that when first to show in showdown is trying to get his opponent show first just to muck quickly if beaten, even if asked to show). I can say that everybody is annoyed by his behaviour but so far nobody took it real serious. I mean this is a live game of regulars with a daily portion of fresh fish and usally we are just accepting our individuel quirks. Not me anymore. Yeah I know, silly boys stuff. Will hurt my game/mood/concentration. Anyway, Chappi, we’re at war now >:].

Update: 24 hours later Peyman called me and apologized. I explained the situation to him and accepted. As said, silly boys stuff. Still feels better.

Besides this the night was successful – I won a key hand early, played as badly as possible, vs. Hassan: I had K-K, he had A-3 and raised. I only called. Flop was J-3-4, I called his pot sized bet. Turn is another 3, he bets the bet pot again, I flat called. River: K! I move in and he calls. Of course he had the 3, lol, no surprise here. Unusual only that somebody (me) gets even more lucky on the river. Soon after I won a big pot when I chased a flush draw but made two pair on the turn and river to beat someone’s aces and was sitting at +4k. Still bothered from the incidient with Chappi I changed my game to my more tight ‘A’ game (a sure way to win small pots or lose big ones). My alarm bells finally woke me up after I tried to bluff well over 1k with my busted straight draw into a) the nut flush, b) the second nut flush and c) a full house. I was not paying the needed attention and left the game, still winning more than 2k. Back home I played two tables 6-handed 50/100, got stuck soon but recovered finally and booked another winner there.

Today is the first day I might stay home (play the sunday million instead maybe).

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