Deadly invitation

3. January 2007 | Category: 50outs

Katja left me. On the last day of the year 2006. She found something better. Warm sun, a las-vegas-stlye casino, a big poker tournament, a poker playing greek millionair and a big big family of friends. In one word: the pokerstars caribbean adventure, “PCA”. I could not go with her. I have “something better” to do here. lol. Stay tuned to see what I am wasting spending my time with.

So, Katja is gone and I am home alone (well, almost; beagle Paula is following each of my steps now). Saturday, 31st was nice, I slept all day (after a winning session) and went to the new Casino Esplande in the evening. There I played some shorthanded pot limit holdem, winning like 800 euros and then left home to play the sunday million. I got there a minute to late so I could not play. Money saved – almost. Those 50/100 games looked to good to me so I joined them for an hour but I could not get anything going and left about even. New year’s eve I was alone with Paula and my cell phone.

After a lazy monday I decided to go to the movies, saw an awfull bad movie (about some dragon rider) and checked out the action in Casino Esplande. There have been two single table tounrey still going on when I received a call from buddy Toni that they are plaing in Schenefeld with Hassan. PLH with 10/20 blinds, “somewhat shorthanded”. I said I will wait and see. Five minutes later Hassan called me and said “buddy, you’re on fire right now, come here”. What does you friendly fish answers here? Right: “Calm down big man, on my way already!”. So I went over there (only a 10 minute ride) and there they are: Hassan as usual in seat number one with about 10 grand in front of him, Peymen (‘Chappi’), Tony from Pokerolymp, another Tony, Shaine and one more -unknown- player. I sat down, post my live straddle of 40 and with 4 callers I raise the pot in the very first hand, 240, holding A9s. Flop comes good, A-9-T, Hassan checks, I move all-in with my first table stake of 500 euros, two fold but hassan ha his chips in almost faster than I do. No more nines coming, I stare into Hassan’s A-T and it’s rebuy! time.

Yadda Yadda Yadda, why the hell did he raise with A9, bla bla bla.

Hassan continued to catch miracles like this: I raise Hassans live straddle (40) with Q-Q (150), Peymen comes over the top with 520, Hassan calls, I call. Flop is 4-9-J, both Hassan and I check (you would do the same if you know Peyman). Peyman bets 500 and Hassan calls without any hesitation. I consider my options and finally decide to take one card (folding is a serious option here vs. Peyman). Turn card looks perfect, a Q gibing me top set. Hassan checks, I’ll check as I am very positive that Peyman will fire again and there he comes, going all-in with like 1500. Hassan agains calls right away, something not feels right here. The pot has more than 4,500 euros in it and I have only 1700 left. I only call the 1500, knowing that Hassan will not play anymore for this “change money”. River is a T and Peyman announces “straight”. K-K, of course. Hassan explodes, showing K-T for the straight on the turn, complaing about Peymans incredible luck (lol). I don’t even show my hand and just watch as they split the pot, argueing who got more lucky there.

He repeated to catch hands like this (in the process he had kings four times and aces twice, getting full action on them of course from other high pairs) so several buyins later I decide to quit the game for the day and go home. What a nice start into the year.

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