The boat is leaving

19. March 2005 | Category: 50outs

BoatThe PartyPoker Million IV is on his way – without us! A lot of friends, even some of our local players here from Hamburg, made it to the ship. We failed. That is hurting! Not even the tickets to LV lying here in front of us and the confirmed suite and limo pickup make this anything but frustrating. Next year we try harder!

On the playing side still no relief, Katja went playing live one time and lost again, for no less than 4 loosing session in a row! Online is about even these days, with a 6th place finish in limit holdem out of 80 players and a 10th place in a NLHE multi with 100 players (I am not playing cash games the last few days). Oh and I won 2 of 2 $200 SNG’s I played today, one limit and one no-limit at the same time (why I am doing such silly stuff is beyond me)

I am watching Pokerstars very closly the last days. Having decided that the $100-200 games there are not for me (yet) their WSOP qualifing action in incredible. On partypoker the WSOP is still non-existent. I got to get money to stars and try to win a seat!

Sorry for being short these days, but really not much is happening. Katja goes on a girls-only vacation next week and I party alone with kids over a long easter weekend so maybe there is something to write about already in the air… and vegas is only 12 days away!

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