Alone at home

27. March 2005 | Category: 50outs

Katja is on a weeklong “girls-only” vacation so I am alone here at home – alone that is without her, I have my two kids staying here with me, a 14 year old boy and a 15 year old girl. Well, my son is fighing with me all the time to use my up-to-date comupter to play the latest game (I figure World Of Warcraft to be his actual favorite) and my daughter is either out, partying with friends or sleeping. I guess thats pretty normal 8-}.

Today in a week we’ll leave to Vegas, to play in the Bellagio Five-Diamonds tournament. As it is eastern the monday is a off-day here so I have only three work days left for the upcoming week, which already feels like the vacation has already started. Let’s hope that we can make something there so we are going to stay two, maybe three weeks. One week will be the standard “lost it all” or “about even” timeframe, every extension itself will be a success 🙂


Partypoker is treating me brutally the last three weeks. No matter what I play I always get beaten by ridicoulus hands and boards! If I am behind when the money goes in you can rest asured that I am not going to outdraw you – if I somehow manage to catch something on the flop then turn and river will surly bring the unlikly outcame. I tried it all now, changed my style a little but anyhow, I play tight my aces go down against 37o, I play loose my KQs will loose against KJo and I play balanced my 88 will loose against 66.

So I thought, maybe I should give Pokerstars a try and played an evening there. At first it looked good, I made a fast few hundreds in the 30-60 game and then went for $160 Double-Shoutout WSOP qualifier SNG they offer. This tournament is great, you just have to win 2 one-table tourneys and you are off to the WOP main event. I played tight, agressive and patently there and managed to increase my stack to over 6,000 with 4 players left on the first table (1,500 starting chips). Then I found K5 of clubs in the BB, there was no raise so we saw the flop three-handed: Kd, 3c, 4c ! I made top pair and a flush draw. Well, the pot was already about 500 so I did bet the pot. One player folded, the other went all-in for about 700 more. I could not see how I could fold there so I called. He showed A7 of clubs, my top-pair was good but my flush draw was now my horror scenario. Right on the turn came the 9c and I lost the hand. Ok, no big deal, still about 4,500 left for me. Then the guy that made the flush busted out another player with some miracle and had the same chip count as I a few hands later. Now much later I found KQs on the SB and called. Flop came KQ4 rainbow. I made a big bet there of about 1,000 and the BB wnet out, leaving only my flush specialist, which called. Turn card is the 7 of clubs, putting now two clubs on board. I went-allin with my top two, fearing a small set of 4’s there but thought I would not let it go anyway to better to myself. He called my all-in bet! The cards were opened and figure my surprise when he showed A4 of clubs for a small pair of 4’s and now a flush draw. The river brought a club as you might guess and I got really angry for a minute. Wow that was really hurting. After cooling down for about 15 minutes I went to the 30-60 cash game again trying to win some money for todays $500,000 guaranteed tourney. How I got ripped off from $1,500 was even by partypoker standards ridicoulous. AA cracked by 42o, KK cracked by 7Ts, AK and AQ always loosing (I guess I lost about 10 coin-flip hands in a row there) and giving me a overall very bad experience.

Today I will try the $250,000 at party and the $500,000 guaranteed at stars, maybe my luck changes there a little bit. Would feel good!


The PPM IV brought money to some friends: Matt from the Pokercronicles made 74th spot for a 10k payout and Casey Kastle made over 40k! Well done boys!

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