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7. July 2006 | Category: 50outs

After having some very good Sushi at Ra’s we went over to the Rio’s just in time. The 2nd day of the $1500 7card-stud event was scheduled to start 3 p.m. (not 2 p.m. because they played that long the night before). Katja was short in chips with 6400 and an average of about 17000, betting already 1000-2000. Her table was also looking strong with Johnny Chan, David Sklansky and John “Miami” Cerruto. Anyway, Katja was in good mood and after about 30 minutes managed to double-up when her pockets kings were good over the small pair her opponent had (she even improved to kings-full). Several players including Sklansky were eleminated from the table. 11 players total were gone from the initial 40 when this hand occured, sending Katja to the rail, showing that we are still not able to overcome the pestilence:

One player to her right had just lost to big pots and was steaming. Katja had the bring-in with 500 and all folded to the guy; he showed an ace and raised. Katja had position on him most liklely for the rest of the hand because of the open ace and re-raised him to 3000 with pocket sixex and a live eight showing. He calls. Guy catches a offsuit blank, Katja gets another 6! Now she has trips 6 for a hidden set. Katja bets 1500, he calls. 5th street he catches a nine and Katja gets an ace. He checks and Katja bets 3000 into him, he calls. Katja is almost all-in at this point. Now, 6th street bring a nine for him for an open pair of nines and a blank for Katja. He still checks and Katja moves her remaining chips in the pot, about 1300 or something. He calls. Katja opens her hand, showing her set and the guy moans, showing pocket deuces for two pair. One nine is dead. Last cards gets dealt face-down, Katja opens right away, not improving (a move I would not have done, I would have waited until the oppoent shows his final card and squezze then if necessary). He moans and moans and squezzes his last card. Finally after an eternity he finds another deuce for a full-house and Katja is eleminated!

Katja gets 29th in that tournament, still a very good success. Congratulations!

Poker Katja Thater in the money at the WSOP

Today is my turn in the $2500 NLHE event, I won a satellite yesterday night and try my best game today!

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