So, you got a poker site?

8. August 2006 | Category: 50outs

I get link requests very often. This site has daily visitors in the thousands now (on good days) and everybody wants a piece. As I am a lazy person or was it from what I remember as I have not been real lazy since 20 years now, anyway, I often forget to put up links or make something wrong or simply reject the request by hitting delete to fast (you bad bad Outlook). Not to mention all these sites around that not even bothering to ask anymore about a link here. Also, these links would take up quite some space. So I thought about an easier and more interesting solution for some months now. It was then when I discovered and bought a nice PHP script to run a pixel site (those are normally for earning a lot of easy money which I am up for 100%).

As I am now running a lot of sites (Katja’s homepage, the german PokerStars blog and some more) I came up with the idea to use this script to allow anybody non-commercial sites to add their links themselfes! I did set-up a domain for this, There is a big poker blogs pixel page on the main page, so you might want to go there as well and set up your link – Blocksize is even bigger over there. Take a look.

Noticed the new section on the left in the sidebar? This is where your links will appear. Just hover over the first examples that I did set up there using your mouse. Nice, isn’t it? A later version will also contain a bigger picture in the tooltip (CSS positioning problems, arghh). The registration process is open from today. Just click on that Add Pixel Link right below the pixel image and follow the instructions. Every non-commercial user will get up to 4 adjacent blocks for FREE. So if you drive any kind of poker blog, information page or public (free) service feel free to go ahead and add your link. Only condition: put up a backlink to this site. I reserve the right so remove or block any kind of link or picture at my solely discretion.

Now, your commercial? Welcome my friend! That little panel is open for you also (and I would happily extend it to any size on your request :)! You just have to pay a small monthly fee of about $50/month/block to me. This fee is negotiable of course, depends on who you are and how you ask. Please note that I am NOT taking ad’s from any online poker or casino provider as I am in good business with the best of all poker sites, the fabulous PokerStars! (Now that may sound ironic but is my real opinion; they have by far the best product in terms of software and support quality, tournaments to choose from and they do alot for their players). So, just contact me and we talk about the options!

In case you have complaints about the setup process or any good idea how this whole thing could get improved or extended drop me a mail, I’ll be happy to hear.

You want a panel like this for your own site? (You sure do, don’t you?) I would be happy to set one up for you (any size and style possible). If you are a famous blogger, a friend (or well known foe) I will do it for free, it’s not really that much work. Otherwise I would expect a small compensation from you which could range from a simple dinner when we meet next time to some online tournament buyin or whatever you might come up with.

As said, I will extend the size of the pixel panel as needed.

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