A day in New York City

5. August 2006 | Category: 50outs

We had planned to spend a day in New York on our way home and so we did. We arrived in Newark early Friday morning at about 7 AM and wen’t to Manhatten were we arrived at about 8 AM. Still a little exhausted from the flight/short night we picked a sightseeing bus right at Port Authority Bus Terminals. The weather promised to be fine, Ney York was under a heat weave during the last days but we got the perfect weather all day; sunny, some clounds, fresh brezze. It was 85% just perfect and 15% a little to hot. First we took the “Downtown loop” but changed to the “Uptown loop” on first chance at Times Square.

Katja Thater and Jan 50outs in New York City

Although both Katja and I have been in NYC numerous times (my sister Jennifer Preuss lived there for some years in her model/acting school years) we had never done such a sightseeing tour before. We got the taste for it on our recent London trip were we took a tour just to kill time and have been impressed by the quality of those tours and good impressions you get to see.

After the Uptown tour was finsihed we took some lunch at a Deli and continued with the Downtown loop. Originally we had planned to do some shopping on the way but we’ve been to tired to leave the bus (saved some money 🙂

Afterwards we went back to the airport, grabbed the flight, no problems this trip, flew home and there we are now – trying to relax a little. Let’s see how long we can stick without any live poker – tonight is a little tournament…

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