NL Holdem

30. October 2004 | Category: 50outs

My NLHE skills are on the rise. The last week I placed in many more NL tournaments than before. I even won a seat to one of these Party Poker Million IV qualifiers next weekend. No, we are not on the boat already. Much to Katjas discomfort we haven’t made our way there yet. Last year for the first time we really tried to qualify but failed, like this year so far. This is 100% because of bad luck and not because of my crazy NL style, ok?????? Ok, maybe I came to believe it to… We feel that buying into this event really sucks, you really have to go there as an online qualifier. Right now I am very confident of my NL game so I hope to make it next weekend. Katja has no real hope as the is under the impression that all here moves fail these days, which they do. That feeling will not help to straight things out for her I believe, so she has to take it easy for a few days.


I have not seen PokerWorks before. While I dont like the design of the site I got totaly sucked into it. I read all of Linda’s postings in 2004 within the last two days. Great stuff! As I am playing at the Bellagio and the Mirage whenever possible (we go to Vegas two times a year as a minimum) and visit the WSOP some years now I come to know several of the players/regulars. Quite facinating.

She even wrote about Morad, the live guy, playing only 7stud, any limit. Last year while the power at the Bellagio went down we were playing together 200-400 and 300-600 stud at the Mirage and he was down over 200k in just 3-4 days and had to borrow money all around (computers were down also and he got no money out of his account). He was playing really bad and he got some bad luck also. But make no mistake: this guy can also be deadly as a snake, he for example won the 5k-WSOP-stud event in 2002!

Still, why do I tell you that? Cool thing, he’s a regular in our local “home” game, the 7-stud pot-limit game running here in my hometown (the only game we have). In Vegas they just wait for him (he’s getting a high-limit stud game in seconds when there was none for weeks). Sometimes he sent me back home with my tails between my legs and many parts of our not-so-cheap furniture pieces here could also wear a “Sponsored by Morad” tag. So when you see this guy, grab a seat and prepare for wild action, as he is fearless and does not care about the money, raising you all the way with a gutshot-straight. And sometimes, oh sometimes he’s getting it.

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