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4. June 2006 | Category: 50outs

Katja’s commenting on DSF is receiving fantatic feedback. Almost everybody we know looks like seeing poker on DSF and is telling her how good, understandable and insightfull her moderation is. I agree. She did an incredible job there. While I think the event itself is boring and not very good to watch along with her storys and opinions it is actual fun to watch. Katja already received a ton of feedback through email also, 100% positive. From housewomans asking how to play to pros everybody liked it. The airing will continue, she moderated all six heats (but not the final table) and every heat is aired at least twice throughout this whole week. On several occasions Katja used the term "luckbox" for a very lucky player (which got picked up by Michi Körner culminating in his phrase "the return of the luckbox" lol) which in turn made me look for and that domain was available! I grabbed it right away, now routing to this blog. If you have any good idea what to do there, let me know!

In actual play we went to the €200+15 event, 29 players. While I busted about 22nd when I ran into slowplayed aces Katja managed to reach the final table. There she was short stacked and busted in 8th place without any pricemoney.

Afterwards there was a german premiere – the first NO LIMIT CASH GAME TABLE in a german casino (at least that everybody there was aware). The blinds are €2.5/5 with minimum buyin of €200. I had the honor of winning the very first all-in pot there right in second or third hand – my AA versus KK and guess what? Aces held up! I received standing ovations and a lot of laugh from everybody. The game was rocking as expected as a lot of the usual pot-limit players played. I got to about €1,000 with my first buyin when I lost a threeway all-in pot. I limped with 97s in MP and flop came was an T-8-6! I had flopped the stone cold nuts. One player in EP checked, I checked and the always aggressive late-position player (my friend Bedros) made it €40. The EP player raised to €100, I just called. Bedros raised all-in for about 2k, first player called all-in himself (~600) and I naturally called myself. The pot was ~€2,700. The turn paired the 6 and I knew I was dead when I saw Bedros face. Yes, he had a set of 8’s and scooped the big pot. Rebuy time!, oh well. I manged to get back to ~€1,000 with this and left then as it was late already.

Arriving home was the next surprise: Sebastian managed to win a $162 tournament with 370 players for a $14,000 payout! And he was heads up with another local player "Tango1996", a vietnames very strong player (guess his name, "Nyguen", lol). 14k!!! Katja and I got green of envy and trash talked Sebastian in messenger a little (just kidding buddy! CONGRATULATIONS!). Congrats Than also, well done guys (although I suspect that Tango’s wife played at least early in the event as he was playing the €200 live event with us also). Katja and I will get something out of it also (despite busting him at 40/80 th next time) as Seb promised just annother dinner for us all, celebrating the victory. Nice!


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