Lucky 21

6. November 2006 | Category: 50outs

Yesterday was again one of those small Black Jack tournaments in Casino Schenefeld. This is where we go to play local NLH tournaments twice a week (€200+10 buyin, 20-35 players) and cash games afterwards (10/20, 20/40+, NL and our bred-and-butter €500 pot limit holdem game). They are hosting this kind of black jack tournament 3-4 times a year.

In the recent one we did not make any money but Katja won a nice jackpot with three sevens. Here is another tournament report.

So, yesterday there was one again. Slightly modified, this time with a €100+10 buyin and several added prices. About 60 players showed up. Mode was as follows: two qualifications rounds to get into the semi-final (35 players), semi-final table winners and two chip count qualifiers get o the final table. The €10 fee got you a *very good* asian buffet comp. The casino added a €400 “lucky loser” price, a Krügerrand gold coin (worth €500 euros), several ladies prices (perfume etc.) and a trip for two to Travemünde.

Both Katja and I made it to the semi-finals in the first round. They played 3 shoes with 30 chips starting bankroll. I won my table by a lucky break: late in the 3rd shoe I had 20 chips left, played maximum (10 chips), got two face cards vs. face card for the dealer, did the split, got an ace on the first and an ace on the second one also! Those paid full 2:1 as blackjack each and skyrocketed me to 60 chips. Still it was close but two more winners got me to 88 chips, enough to win the table (with 66 for the second). Katja got 2nd by one chip in her round so we did not had to play the second qualifications round but could go to the buffet, which was very good.

The semi finals required you to win the table (with two more players advancing by overall chip counts) and I was able to do this. Katja had no luck and busted but my buddy Frank had more luck and made it also. We agreed on a 50/50 split no matter who is winning what (we were both ITM and guaranteed ~€700 together). In the final itself I had no chance at all. Two times I made huge bets with a very good count, got an ace as the door card but then all cards went wrong and I lost both hands. So I was out in 7th place (from 7 finalists). Frank fought better and had the chance to win the whole tournament in the last hand. Unfortuantly he had only 17 vs. bank’s 18 and got 5th only.

Still it was fun and we each made €400.

Finally they made a draw for the trip between all players. The guest drawn first have not been there anymore, therefore not qualifiing for the price. Second draw: guest not in the casino anymore. Third draw: guest not in the casino anymore! Time for 4th draw: casino chief said something to the tone of “this guest is 100% here” and laughed before announcing – my name! Now thats a lucky one. Frank and I joked about going together, enjoying a nice double room with king size bed. Frank is one of my best buddies all around and we spend virtually thousands of nights togehter, sharing hotel rooms all around the world (lately 2 years in Stuttgart in the same one-room appartment).

So we continue being very lucky in those black jack tournaments and having lots of fun. A good reason to go to the next one also… and I love the way the casino is organizing and running those, really personal and professional at the same time, a real pleasure.

Talking about tournaments: this Casino Schenefeld will host another deep-stack poker tournament early December, 2nd and 3rd. €500 buyin, 5,000 starting chips, 2 day format what I heard. Get your seats, this one will be full also pretty quickly.

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