Fast visit – ever

8. November 2006 | Category: 50outs

Yesterday was our fastest visit ever to Casino Schenefeld. We went there to play the Tuesday €200 NLH tournament and arrived late due to heavy traffic (George Michael concert traffic). The tournament was not yet started so no problem. 26 players showed up. Katja busted out in 24th place when she re-raised from 200 to 600 on the button with about 1100 left, holding A-K. The player in the small blind went all-in, the first raiser folded, Katja called. K-K for the small blind, no A on the board, Katja out. I was sitting on 2000 chips from 1500 to start with but folded two pocket pairs on the flop and was down to 1000 then. Blinds 80/160 now, I found 7-7 and after one limper I went all-in right away, all folded but the limper slow played A-A and flopped one more ace, oh my. 22nd place for me.

Katja Thater and me watching the EPT final table in Dublin

We thought about staying for the cash games but they would be at least one hour away so we drove back home and played some online games (break even there).

Last saturday Katja won the very same tournament (splitted 1st price money with heads-up opponent). The friday night before I played some live 20/40, went down like 50 BB but came back to make a small winning. Saturday after Katja’s win we got roasted; Katja in the 20/40 limit game and I in the pot limit. I spare all the dirty details but it was bad…

Next friday both Katja and I will play in Kiel. They host a €100 NLH tournament and Spiegel TV is filming for a some kind of reportage. They want to show Katja for the poker part. I was never there yet so will be interesting to see how they run the tournaments up there.

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