Home alone

3. April 2006 | Category: 50outs

Article in newspaper “Die Welt” from April, 1st 2006 about Katja going to the lady’s event in London here.

Katja directed the final poker tournament for the expekt poker lan tour friday in Düsseldorf which went very well; from there she flew directly into her well deserved vacations to the canarian islands (a ‘girls only’ tour). I won’t go to Stuttgart the next weeks so here I am – home alone! That is fantastic, I spend dream days here. Surly I miss her already and will be even more on every day passing but right now I am enjoying myself very much here, sleeping/playing/running/reading/chiling on a total free schedule, fantastic!

It would have been even more fun would not have lost my AQs on AQ2 flop lost to 22 in the million guaranteed and AK vs. KK in the 650$ WSOP qualifier…

I am even to lazy to write long post here, excuse me on this 🙂

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