Fish from india

3. October 2004 | Category: 50outs


Sometimes they drop their money as they like to throw it out of the window. Like yesterday. People from outside the poker world would never believe that, with the exception of some stock brokers maybe.

Our 7stud-PL session last night -in which we played both at the same table which is kind of unusual for us- was nothing special, more or less the game from friday continued. Some of the more “active” players were missing so the action was so “lala” until the ultra active player arrived, a guy from india (or somewhere near there).

He managed to loose about 10 buyins (500eur each) within about 2 hours which by itself could happen to everybody except that he needed to play not one of the hands. You know, like calling with unimproved split 8’s with kicker 3 against open king betting the pot 3 times and shit like that. He saved our night, Katja won about 3,000eur and managed to win 1,400eur after being down about 1,500. We were never in any danger and there were no big pots this night.

The exitement already starts about the upcoming tourmanent in Baden, Austria, the european stud championship, the Poker EM. This is a *very* nice tournament with 5 days 24h action, which is kind of unusual in europe as you might know. The food is great (and expensive, 500eur, f&b from Wendnesday evening until sunday) and the action is everything you could ask for. Every game and limit is available with the highlight of normaly 3 tables of 3,000eur buyin Omaha PL. These games are pretty difficult but very live at the time with big money around.

I cant wait!

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