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26. September 2004 | Category: 50outs

While setting up our new blog I encountered numerous problems with our selected provider, Although having an already paid and registered account I decided to give annother one a try, So I have the second time within days to deal with custom-html, design-sets, uploads and the like. This really keept me from playing this weekend as all these really important questions like which color to choose are running thru my mind.

Anyway, after a nice dinner with Katja and my son Alex I managed to get a seat in our regular stud pot limit game friday night, although coming late (the game starts at 8pm and is usally full within a second). I was tired and with a full stomach but got a great start. Pocket queens made two pair against pocket kings which could not improve. My opponent sat two seats to my right and just called the bringin, so he tried to trap… I got lucky on the river (my stack was in the middle on 4th already).

Just  2 hours of small up’s and down’s were enough for me, I quitted the game a 400eur winner.

My son Alex could manage to win his first single-table 5$ tourney, well done Alex! While working on the blog I had a quick glance at one of his hands in annother SNG 5$ (where he got second place) – had had K8o and was about to call a re-raise on a AJ7T board with a flush draw open. He insisted that he will make his hand and win the pot, I explained the concept of “outs” and pot-odds annother time and after some doubting looks he finally folded. Guess what, a queen spiked on the river and A3o took the pot… we had a really big laugh on that and he keept on needling me the whole day that he would have won the tournament had he called (or was he planning to raise???)… hard to arguee with a 13-year old “poker expert”.

So my weekend was rather nice, a small win, some laughs and two great diners (oh, I forgot to tell you about the great 7-course diner yesterday?). Katja -after some wine with every course- decided that she still not had enough and take me as 8th-course… wow! 

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