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22. June 2006 | Category: 50outs

It’s there. The date we have long been waiting for. June 22nd. We leave to Las Vegas in only 6 hours from now! We agreed on a “free” weekend in Las Vegas before the WSOP crazyness starts on monday (we will be joining the very first qualifiers :). Especially Katja is exhausted from all the things we have done in the last weeks and days and needs some time to relax and focus on tournament poker again. So we will take a long easy weekend, have lots of fun, visit new restaurants, shows and shops and enjoying ourselves. I will play some cash games and visit the new pokerrroms in the Venetian and Caesars which we have not seen yet. Maybe we are going to play some event on sunday to accustom to the american style and the small small differences in rulings again. As said, from monday on we will visit the Rio’s daily to play WSOP events, cashgames, satellites (single-tables, supers, megas, last-chances) and hopefully some 2nd and even 3rd event days (a lot of events are 3-days events this year). We are very curious if and how Harras will improve the WSOP experience as there have been some really annoying things last year such as way to less cashiers, toilet desaster, bad food on spot etc. etc. We are under the impression that Harras management really tries to improve things.

Speaking about tournament poker we closed a deal with Pokerstars. Katja will be sponsored by Pokerstars from now on and work with them in their upcoming german marketing campains and efforts. To start things she will play all televised WSOP events (except H.O.R.S.E.) and the EPT events in 2006 on their behalf.

Deutsches Poker Magazin

Also today we agreed on supplying a regular column and some specials for the upcoming “Deutsches Pokermagazin” (german poker player magazine). First issue is due for August and here is a dummy how it could look like. Both Katja and I are very proud to be a small part of this interesting project and we look forward to supply some entertaining content 😉

So, we are leaving in just a few hours. Check back here for regular updates!

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