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24. June 2006 | Category: 50outs

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We arrived in Las Vegas. Barly. The trip was standard travel horror. We left our house at 6:30 AM and arrived on time at the airport. After 3 (!) security checks and no more than 7 times “show you passport” we were able to board the Contintal flight from Hamburg to Newark, scheduled to leave at 9:00 AM. Once we took our seats I sleept away right away. After some time that felt like an eternity I woke up again only to be informed by Katja that we have not even left the airport. Uff. When we finally left about 90 minutes late I was already half-sure we would not get our connection flight in Newark. After over 8 hours flight time we arrived about 30 minutes before our connection as going – but that does not account for the 60 minutes immigration took. When we finally left the border control/backage claim crazyness we missed the flight. Continental was not smart enough to rebook us automaticly into the next flight so we tried to take of that – no chance. More than spot 2 and 3 in the waitling list for the next flight was possible. We waited four hours for that flight but it was actually oversold so we could not leave Newark. New try, next flight about 3 hours later, we got seat for that. Wow. With a delay of about 60 minutes we could board that machine (so we spent already >8 hours in Newarks food court). Again, right after taking my seat I fell asleep. I sleept deep and when waking up we were on the airport – already but still? Unfortuntaly, still. The machine had a technical problem that took them over two hours to solve. We finally left, direction Las Vegas. 6 hours later we arrived. Total travel time: 27 hours 20 minutes.

I managed to sleep during the last flight some more so I was groggy but no too tired when we got our room. Katja went to sleep right away. I thought what the hell, go gamble!

After checking out the small new pokerrroom at the Treasue Island I went over to the Mirage and took a seat in a 10-20 limit game where along with some old pros and tourists bracelet holder Barbara Enright was seated. I had decided before that I will not play any game higher than 20/40 before getting used to the american poker style for at least a few days. I got into good rythm in the 10/20 but the game broke after 30 minutes. So I walked over to the Bellagio (it was about 4h in the morning) and checked the games there. I sticked to my rule and avoided the open seat in the juicy looking 30/60 and waited for a 15/30 seat which I got about 20 minutes later. The game was half full with people knowing what the do and the other half was just playing wild and aggresive. Overall it was reminding me very much on the online games in that limit these days. I played mostly quality cards, took my fair share of bad beats, gave one myself and did quit the game up $600 about 7 AM. Nice start!

When I got back to the hotel Katja was awake about an hour, had done some sports and was preparing herself for the pool and some breakfest. We went to a coffee shop, took an small breakfest and then she went to the pool and I went to sleep again. Later that day we went for some shopping, had fantastic Sushi at Ra’s in the Fashion Show Mall and went to the hotel room again where we sleept about 12 hours (with small interuptions :). About 2 AM in the morning I woke up, Katja was still sleeping and decided to play some more, going to the Mirage. I joined a full 20/40 game which got short handed short after. I felt comfortable, playd ok and was all the time between stuck 500 and up 500. At 6 in the morning Katja came in we decided to take some breakfest togehter in a buffet. I quit a $300 winner session and we went to the Buffet. This was heaven for me! They just opened the buffet so it was almost empty which left me with the feeling that all the food is for me alone! Yum yum.

At 8 AM local time Katja went to the pool and I watched Germany-Sweden live. Germany played good, made two quick goals and I guess trainer Juergen Klinsmann must be very satisfied as his strategy to play fast/aggresive, modern soccer works out that well. Not that I understand anything about soccer, lol.

Now, the game is over, Katja is still at the pool and I will relax a little more. WSOP is starting Monday for us when satellites start at the Rio’s. I will try to put some more hours into the cashgames and hopefully win a buyin or two.

So, after the horrible travel right now everthing is as good as it could be and we hope and strive that this will not change anytime soon!

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