City championships, day two

29. May 2006 | Category: 50outs

Day two of the tournament is over and unfortunatly we did not make any money. Katja held herself for a long time on day two (about ~20 players remaining) but then picked a bad spot to make her move holding AJs. I had just arrived to the tournament at about midnight and maybe she got a little over-excited to see me ;), anyway it was the best hand she got for hours but she ran into Frank’s aces which held up. After the normal 10 minutes of desperation and frustration she got back to her usual kind behaviour and relaxed, sweating me in the pot-limit cash game (all pictures provided by Klaus from

Fortunatly my friend Sebastian (“Miami” from got third in the event and as we swapped 10% I got a €500 payout 🙂 Congratulations again, Sebastian, you proved your talent and won a nice dinner from me for our last-longer sidebet! In the current month Sebastian made his best score ever (ripping the sng’s on party) and live he is a good winner also :). My other buddy Achmed made the second place, well done also (but you cut my profit, buddy!)

Jan, Phil, Sebastian and “Korn” on day 1

The PLHE game went not so smooth as I lost big pots with QQ and KK (to spade flushes both times). So I guess it is only fair when I took an all-in pot myself with a spade flush (vs. QQ) to cut my loses short.

Katja moved some more pictures into our online album.

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