12. February 2006 | Category: 50outs

Just a short update: I managed to qualify myself for the final qualifier today. Just beat 79 others and I am going to Cardiff too! At least one of my buddies, Steffen, made it also, I haven’t checked all the qualifiers.

Yesterday we went to play a live two table €200+10 tournament. This time Katja went out in the very first hand holding AA vs. long-time foe “Chappi”, who flopped a flush holding KQd. I played no hand for the first 30 minutes when I got real lucky – I was in the SB, all fold and the BB is our friend Frank K. who is know for his loose-aggressive game. I had JQd and raised 4x the BB, he went all-in. Now he is quite capable of making a play at me so I shrugged my shoulders and called. He showed AKo, outch. Anyway I got lucky and rivered both a flush and a straight with A and K on board. After that I got on a small rush, getting KK, JJ, AQs, AKs, 66 etc. etc. in just a few hands and busting 3-4 people. Going into the final table I had 3-4 times average chips and was able to defend it until we got into the money. With 3 players left we made a deal.

Afterwards I played the potlimit holdem cash game for an hour before getting to tired and quit a winning session.

Online, back in the 10/20 6max, got a brutal beating again. I am either way outmatched there, real unlucky or still not adjusted to the swings of that game but something definitly “feels” not right. I would not be the player I am would I not take that as an motiviation to carry just some more money to those tables…

My friend Norman taking a ride 😉

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