7. June 2005 | Category: 50outs

It’s tuesday morning now and in 48 hours I will not be sitting at my boring office desk anymore, instead I will be sitting at some poker table in Vegas and play for big bucks. Yeah right, my last workday has started and tomorrow morning I will catch a plane and head to the WSOP. My friends Frank and Kai have already left last Sunday and I will meet them there.

I will meet Katja there in Vegas and we will try to stay there as long as possible. Our return flights are now booked for June 29th which marks the best possible outcome. We got to return home over month-end for business reasons but there are not to many interesting events after the $5000 limit holdem event on 27th anyway so this does not matter – and the tickets to the “big dance” for the July, 6th are already waiting. This plan would mean a full 3 week stay there in Vegas, wow, I would really love to be there that long.

Since the beating we took in April we were able to accumulate a new roll but honestly, we are a little short on money. We go there with about 30k between us two but given the list of events we would like to enter each of us needs more than that alone. And there is so much more to do – satelites, super-satelites, mega-satelites, 2nd chance events, out of the house events like Bellagio’s daily $500 or the two daily events at The Palms and last not least a real lot of side games.

There is a fixed plan this time: upon arriving I play 4 events straight, the $1500 stud event and the three $2000 holdem (NL, PL and LE) events from friday ’till sunday. From there on we play events depending on our bankroll with the ultimate goal of making it until the $5000 stud and limit holdem events which are our personal highlights of this years WSOP.

Now cames handy that I already won my seat for the big one which means I can keep any satelite money that I am able to win. Therefore I will try to play as many supers and megas as possible to win annother entry(s) into the main event and use the buy-in chips to buy us into the other events. Katja’s task will be to play the single table daily satelites as she has no seat (yet) and a lot of the cash tournaments and -if there are any- PLHE cash games.

If things go really wrong we will leave after about a week or 10 days and return in July for the big one, which I see as a vacation trip at the moment – not that I won’t play my best there but getting any money there looks so far from possible to me right now that I see this as a bingo event. Right now I can’t play a single table tournament without getting bad beated and I shall play there for 3-5 days without one and make no mistakes on my own? No fucking chance. My guess is that the new events inbetween the main event for already busted players will be really great and I am looking forward to playing them should I really be out of the main event at the time.

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