There is only one Hassan

24. December 2006 | Category: 50outs

Learn a lesson every day. Mine yesterday was that I should not try to play ‘hassan-style’ with the real Hassan at the table. He rulez, I suck. Yesterday was a classic example once again. We played a friendly little 10/20 blinds pot limit holdem game with a €500 buyin. Hassan as usually in seat #1 controlled the action and the table, having fun, paying all the drinks, even paying the blinds and live straddles for us other ‘players’ sometime (how more embarressing it could get?). I tried to apply my new ‘young hassan’ style that worked so well the last days when he was not at the tables but that was nothing else but blasphemy – down 4k after 30 minutes. The table almost feel onto the side due to alle the chips he got. He not only roasted me for like 5k total but almost everybody else on the table also (except Katja, she managed to win like 3k).

One of the other victims was Sebastian (who btw has a new invitation-only forum on his website) from He lost the biggest pot of the day, like 7k, with K-K versus Hassans A-A after Hassan showed 5 consequtive pure -and big- bluffs in a row. Seb never really recovered from this and lost even more than I did.

What do I learn here? If Hassan is around either leave or play my usual weak-tight game (but hold the loses short lol)… or try it just another time >:-]

I wish you all a Happy Christmas!

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