Still the blues

18. October 2004 | Category: 50outs

Ok, I still have to work to support wife, kids and some basic life but does it have to be that hard? Until I returned on sunday from the desaster in Baden I have been very tired, got a flue, been stressed in my job and lost over 1G online. Things are not running pretty well I would say. Reading about the Fista del Lago tournament at the Bellagio running these days (without us!) is no help further. I did told Katja already that we ae going to get a year away from all this very soon and enter the circuit. But unfortunatly this is still some time away as I have to work in my project with my client (the german goverment) until the actual work is done which will not be until sometime mid or end next year (and they pay some form of pain relief I can tell you). So the plan is, go to WPT final next year at the Bellagio, make some money, return back to work, take 3-5 weeks vacation in June, visit the WSOP, make some serious money, return, finsih the project and start traveling in about October. Sounds great!

In the meantime I will the play the german championships in 7-card stud, the qualifier is running this weekend. The structure is ridicoulous, the price money is far from good and the players are all but bad. But what can you do when the Bellagio is over 11,000km away and you are on limited roll (means you still must get up and work your ass off) ?? Nothing I guess.

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