Steps (short update)

27. April 2005 | Category: 50outs

I am short on time these days so here is a rather small update for all of you careing (or at least asking 😉

Poker is going so-so, more down that upwards. Either Katja or I played any live games (we are still too short on cash for our wild pot-limit games here) so most action is online. I tried 6 or 7 cash game sessions but despite small wins most went down in flames. Partypoker came out with those “Step higher” step tournaments and besides knowing that they are a rip-off rakewise I jumped right into them, investing into about 12 $30 step 1 toruneys and one $100 step tourney (about $460 investment). As you might know, there are practical no cashouts until you make first 3 in a step 5 tourney where they pay $100k, $30k and $20k. The entry fee for a step 5 tourney is a whooping $15,500 which easily accounts for the most expensive tournamant many have ever played.

So far I am doing good in those, I have about 6 or 7 freerolls for step 1 left, one pending freeroll into step 2 and most important one for step 4, a $3,000+300 SNG. So you could say I am only a 1:100 chance away from winning $100k. In fact I just need to bust 9 players in the step 4 event and then 9 players in step 5 event. “Just” could be an oversimplification, granted, especially considered how I am runnning this year. I am excited anyway and can’t even think about how it will be should I really make it into step 5 for a $15,500 entry fee. It is all or nothing there – make money or drop out, no more freerolls, no small cash prices, just get to the top 3 and you’re done.


There are good news, also. I won both weightbets and in such a dominating manner that both my opponents paid me off without even getting the final weight! In fact one did ask for a relief about 3 weeks ago for a discount, which I took (after that vegas trip I would polish your shoes for a nickel). I will publish some more details here next week.

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