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22. May 2005 | Category: 50outs

I played three tournemants saturday night at stars, a $300 NLHE, the $33+R WSOP qualifier and a $50 NLHE one. In the $300 event with 135 players I got 70th only, loosing two big pots with JJ against QQ, getting it all before the flop each time. You can hardly call that bad beats, more likely bad situations. In the WSOP qualifier I got confused, dropped a nice stack, made one rebuy, forgot the add-on during the first break and lost AQ against AK with an ace in the flop after about two hours.

2kThe $50 NLHE was ruinning better apparently, I got 3rd there out of about 400 players for a $2100 payout. I figure myself a little unlucky there at the final table because about 15 times somebody was all-in and survived, a few times against me. When I went all-in for the first time naturally I busted right away :-S.

I extended my $100-200 experience. I sat down there in a 8-handed game that was looking not to hard. Luckily, I won again. These are my actual pokertracker stats: 126 hands in 1.48 hours, VP$IP 29.37 with a overall profit of $5,902.00 (23.42 BB/100, lol, I wish I could keep that forever). I put this small sucess mostly on two circumstances: I really play my A game there, single-tableing only and playing full-concentrated-tight-agressive and drawing out in two pots: winning with A9 against AK on a Ax9 board and winning 99 on a xx9-9-x board against JJ. On the other side I got a beat today (not a bad one, but a beat anyway) holding QKs in late position and getting into a raising war on a K high board and a flush draw with the BB “The Grinder” Michael Mizrachi who happend to hold AKs which was good in the end.

Tonight (sunday) I play both the $215 350k guaranteed at stars and the quarter million at party. If I happen to be alive when one or two midnight tourneys start I will play those two, although I must leave the house at 4 in the morning (that is, if I don’t sit on any final table 🙂

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