Some PLO along the way

23. September 2004 | Category: 50outs

Last weekend I played a tournament in Schenefeld, a local casino here in my hometown. It was 7 card stud, about 30 player, a two day event with a 500 € buy-in and 3 rebuys each 200 € worth. In the end nearly everybody took all three rebuys giving us a pricepool of about 28,500 €. I was running well well from the start on, nearly never lost a pot and ended after the second level with around 10,000 in chips (we all started with 2,000) and did not took any rebuys. Rebuys could be made until after the third.

We even got some meal, french cousine. Nobody liked that. I guess we are all more on the “get something real” side, lol.

Anyway, after day one was over we started with our cashgame. Toni asked all evening for some PLO action and this is what we got. We got a full table of pot limit stud experienced players from whom over the half never ever played a hand of omaha. Our biggest “pro” was Pete, who said in a discussion about the best starting hands that AAKK double suited not even belongs into the top 10 (“you are blocking yourself all that straight possibilities”). Our game was 500 € minimum buyin with 10/20 blinds. Go figure what a game that was. I made jokes the whole night about how many players that I know of would jump into a plane just to get a seat in this  game.

Far from any real omaha pot limit experience myself (maybe 20 hours under my belt) I sat and played with the boys. Wow, that was great! After about 10 minutes there must have been 15,000 on the table with two people in there 4th buy-in. I can’t remeber how many times we say the flop 10handed (sometimes raised and reraised!) but it was a great party time. After about 5 hours the dust seatled and the game was closed with my 1,100 looser 🙁

Our casinos here have strict opening times, this dy it was even extended because of the tournament.

Stay tuned what happend on day 2!