RTL in the house

15. June 2006 | Category: 50outs

Superhot tuesday was TV day. RTL network had made an appointment with Katja for a report about poker. The plan was to show/interview her at home, going to the local casino and playing a tournament there. The team was scheduled to arrive in our home at 6 p.m. and they almost made it on time. The editor-in-charge, Jasmin Wiegand already knew something about poker as she has a poker playing boyfried so they had some good questions prepared. She shooting itself followed the “usual” path, homestory>dressing up>arriving>casino scenes. Katja did well and was not too nervous. In the casino was some trouble as some players did not liked to get filmed so some scenes were set-up and some were shot in the actual tournament. Overall I guess they found a lot of material to get a nice report together. We will post airing dates when we get them here.

Katja Thater RTL poker interview

Katja Thater getting interviewed by RTL about poker [at home]

The actual tournament was a desaster, Katja lost a race on the button vs 66 in the BB and I got very unlucky against the same guy 3 times and finshed in 5th place (no money).

In other news the World-Series-Of-Poker (WSOP) is around the corner and we are preparing our travel to Las Vegas these days. Could happen that we go very soon, that depends on some business circumstances which have yet to clarify. Excitement already grows!!!

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