PLO $5000+R

29. June 2005 | Category: 50outs

I am back at my workplace this week (time to earn some fresh money…). Sadly the bad news are not over yet. In the saturdays $300 NLHE on stars the very first hand went like this: I had 22 in the BB of $20, it was raised to $60 and I was the only caller to see a flop of 7-4-2 rainbow. Wow. The other guy betted about $120, I just called. The turn was 4 and bet out again, about pot size. I could not give him a 74 or 77 the way he played but I decided to raise him all-in. He called! showing 66 (wow). I concentrated on “not a six, not a six” and when none came I got reliefed but to my horror the pot got awared to him! What happened? A 4 had came, counterfeing my full-house!

Not enough, in the sunday nights $700,000 guranteed I came far as 245th place, 135 being paid when I lost AA against 78s. My “sidegame” was 100-200 where I lost amost 5k.

This morning I read cardplayer WSOP news like everyday when to my shock I see the final table of the $5000+rebuys PLO event: Sigi Stockinger and Eddy Scharf are there along with Davood Mehrmand! Breathless I watch the updates, Eddy getting 7th for about $85000 and Siggi getting 6th for about $100k. Congratulations to both of you! Then Mehrmand, if you read here you know how I think of him. He got 3rd after a hours long battle against the best players in the world, Phil Ivey and Robert Williamson III. Well, congratulations David. $192.000 won’t hurt you, but I am honestly envious.

I have talked to both Eddy and Siggi extensivly in Vegas, both were behind (like us), struggling from the tournament and satelite costs and some bad days in the cash game. I guess they are not complaing anymore now. It takes balls to play a $5000+R event and they both have ’em.

In exactly one week we fly again to Vegas for the big event. I got news that I play on Friday, in the second heat. I would have prefered to play on day 1 but you can’t choose unfortunatly.

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