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19. September 2006 | Category: 50outs

Since sunday we’re playing strictly at home, WCOOP at PokerStars has taken off. Wednesday will see us traveling to London for the EPT where we are going to stay until Monday morning. Every night where possible we (or at least Katja) is going to play the daily WCOPP event. Let’s hope she has to pass some, most importantly the sunday night event as the would be sitting at the EPT final table then.

Michael Keiner got an endorsement contract from 888. The details I heard about are sounding great but I won’t go into any of them until Michael decides to publish them himself. Being left to Phil Ivey on the featured TV-table (and having him all-in with a dominating hand at least once) in Barcelona and making the 23th place there won’t hurt either – congratulations Michael!

How has the WCOOP been so far for us? Saturday night Katja played Razz, I skipped that one. While she was playing that masochists game I went to bed, “see some tv”. It took about 10 minutes before I felt into deep sleep. Katja played like 4-5 hours (limit, many starting chips) before getting her money in with A3-2 and a 4 on 4th street. She bricked out thereafter by getting K-K-Q and lost to a T high hand. Sunday was the big big NLH with $530 buyin and 4.400 player. Katja got the money in with the best hand three times and with the worst one time – of course the won only the one single hand where the was beat preflop, all-in with 77 being short stacked getting called by AA and flopping a 7. In the other hands the hat the better aces (like AQ vs. A9, A9 vs. A8 etc.) but she lost all of them. So after passing about 2500 players and playing for 4 hours she was out there also. The PLO event yesterday was a different thing. No chance right away, total playtime like 70 minutes. Katja lost a big pot early with AA35 single suited, then flopping two pair aces vs. trip aces and finally busted by flopping aces full holding A-Q-5-3 in the BB and flopping A-A-3 but her opponent had A-K-x-x and the turn was a K…

Talking about playing at home, look at this:


Found this at ZDnet. Looks like playing at home might be some fun in the near future 😉

For images from Barcelona and (german) reports about the WCOOP go to

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