6. March 2005 | Category: 50outs

This weekend was a designated partypoker weekend. Having cashout’d nearly the online roll two weeks ago I rebought for the monthly bonus code to catch the $200 deposit bonus in mid-week. Partypoker has just added more limit and tables. Now with three tables of 30/60 limit action and many many no-limit and pot-limit games this place feels like game-selection heaven. For us the new $1000 buyin pot-limit holdem games are the most interesting as we are very used to the structure and specifics of that game.

So from late thursday on the race was started. As of writing this on Sunday noon I already have 2,500 hands played with 42h with a VP$IP of 26,5%. Right now I am down about $1,500 but only due to gigantic pot I just lost. Let me share the story: I had KK in the BB with $2,600 in chips. There was a minimum raise to $20 and 5 callers. raised the pot to $120. All folded except the SB which called, he had me covered. Flop came K43 of all differnt suits, made top set and had no worries about anything. He checked, I played it full, but got called. Turn is a harmless T, check-bet-call. River comes an ace and I was already hoping he hit that ace for something like aces-up or so that I get money. I went check-bet(allin)-call. Figure my surprise when he sticked that 52o for the rivered baby straight in my face. Outch. I must say that the kind and amount of beats you got to take there is in no way different to the limit games. These guys just play it all and there is no holding back. Like money is nothing. I am very happy that these games are there. Although I made no big score there yet I am pretty sure they will come. Just not so far. Too bad.


It was another weekend of getting close to the money. In the friday night special tournament 90 players were in the money, I reached 112th spot holding nothing less than rockets. But even more close than this was yesterday nights million dollar guarranteed event. Nearly 2,200 players, 270k for the winner and 220 in the money. I got 227th there :(.

This tourney was a wild ride the whole time. I managed to qualify thru a single table satelitte for $70 which I won so the entry was already cheap and sweet. We came 10 minutes late from dinner so the tourney was already started when I started to play but only about 25 chips from the starting stack of 1,500 were missing. I played kind of solid poker getting AA cracked two times in a row in the first 3 hours and being down to just a few chips. I came back each time. I made decent chips when I got 44 three times in a row and hitting a set in the first two of them, folding the third pre-flop for an all-in and a call but would have won that also. Not long ago, don’t you worry, I got cracked AA again and was down to just a few hundreds. Then I sucked out big time in two hands: first I won AJ against QQ with an Ace on the river and about 30 minutes later I catched a strait holding AQ against AK. Both were against the same player who was naturally complaining big time. Sorry dude, that must have hurt this far in the tourney. I was holding about average chips when I misread a hand badly: holding KJo in the BB of 1,000 it was raised in middle position to just 3,000. I figure him on a AT or some small pair and call. Flop comes 4J7 rainbow and I bet what he had left being very sure to have a winner here. He called and showed – QQ. No miracle and I was low again. To low to reach the money. Then I sucked out the hand with straight, see above, and was back to to about 14k. Then my destiny fullfilled when I was in the SB, it was folded around to me and I found AKs. Only 7 players to bust for a minumum of $930 payout so the thought of letting it go flashed thru my mind for a milli-second but the situation seemed to good to pass. So I shoved. We were shocked when the BB called showing KK! This time no hel came on the board and it was over. Ohh, that was hurting. The situation came up so bad for us. No limper, no raiser, a big hand in the SB, a even better hand in the BB, no ace on board, argghhh. I was reminded of the $5,000 buyin NLHE tournament at the Bellagio last year where I had the kings and the BB called my all-in raise for an average stake holding AKo and catching an ace on the flop right away. Too bad.

A long time my friend Tony “Granit” was in the chip lead. I wonder what happened to him as the reached only 113th spot. I am even more excited as my friend Frank came in 35th for a well deserved 5k payout the more as he was very low on chips inbetween. Congrats Frank and Tony!!


On a side note: Katja and I were even out Friday night to play in the live PLHE 10-20 game. This turned out to be a bad decision as we lost both – for about 4keur together. Game was slow and bad, I played a real lot of hands and lost 1,300eur in small pieces, never getting anything. Katja was quite the opposite, she played only about 5 hands the whole night and lost them all as far as I remember. Too bad.


We can’t go to Vienna for the EPT event. I got a business meeting scheduled for the main events day which I can not cancel or miss so with travel time added we would came about 5-6 hours late which maybe Phil Hellmuth can do (although it looks like to often these days… lol) but certainly not we. So we will miss this event. I heard from Felicia that Otis and BadBlood, two good bloggers (Otis being the official EPT blogger for stars), will go there and we would have loved to meet with them. Too bad.

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