31. October 2005 | Category: 50outs

This weekend was qualifier weekend for the first german championchip in NLHE. The event will be held in December and have a multi-level qualification system for the “super-final”. More about this in an upcoming post. So, friday Katja and I went to the local casino to play some first round qualification tournements, which are NLHE single table tournaments, 8 player winners take all format (with 9 or 10 players second gets some money). I don’t what exactly happened to Katja (she played two qualfifieres but won none) but here are my key situations: Got annother guy all-in with A9s vs his 89o, he made a straight, got the BB all-in with K4s vs his J9o, board contained a 9 in the first satelitte (got 3rd) and the main turning point in the second was when I called a small button raise in the BB with T7 of diamonds, flop came KT3 with two diamonds, I moved in, he called showing AK and no T, 7 or diamond came.

The second day, saturday, I decided to stay home to play pokerstars $300 event and maybe the later $100+R tourney but Katja went. Nothing in the first qualifier but she won the second, playing perfect and having no accident. They had 4 qualifiers this evening and besides Katja my friend’s Steffen, cardcore’s Sebastian and Frank won theirs! Congratulations!!!

I was heavy in the cash games over the last weeks, mostly 30/60 with some 100/200, all on pokerstars. Although I am normally not into publishing my statistics here (Katja asked me to publish some as the impression of a “loser blog” was slowly occuring over the last months because I write so much about bad luck, our own mistakes and mis-management and stuff like that). So here are Octobers stats:

8,345 hands played (30/60 and 100/200, pokerstars, 10/1/05-10/31/05)
VP$IP 25.28
Won$WSF 38.86
Won amount $16,194,50
BB/100 3.57
Went to SD 39,67
Won$SD 53.77
PF Raise 11.04

Actually the results would have been way better had I not had a $6,600 loss in a 7 minute $100/200 session yesterday (where everything went bad as possible). Those kinds of numbers are nice anyway and I admit I was running real good during the last weeks (“normal” BB/100 is about 1.3 over 65,000 hands at $30/60 and I do not have enough $100/200 hands recorded to say anything meaningfull).

Yesterday I played the sundays $500 event with about 1700 players but I won no pot. Finally I went all-in with AQo on a already short stack, got called by AK and received no help (playtime about an hour only).

The WSOP 2006 schedule is out and I am already excited. Would there be qualifiers already I would play right away – again, I dream of going to Vegas about 3 month in one piece (which will most likly get down to going twice for a week again). I really liked the event this year although Harras really ripped us players out of every cent possible. Maybe they improve at least something service-wise next year but if you played at the binions some years then one is not really used to good service 😉

But with that schedule announcement the preparation time for started. I am way to fat again (need a weightbet opponent! Contact me!) and also I recogniced that during the heavy internet cash game play the last years my patience lacks. I found it hard this year to stay concentrated during a $300 single-table satelitte for example – waiting, folding, waiting, folding, waiting, some more folding, moving in, getting beat, asking what the hell are you doing there and is that 100/200 cash game over there not looking so inviting? I already start to have this problem in the higher buy-in big events so I admit becoming a little action addicted. With years change I will start to train – my stamina (weight, endurance) and my patience buy doing sports with diet and going to long-session live games at least once a week. If possible I will try some live warm-up tournaments (Tunica? WPT final?). So I have two months of being a couch potato with a fast internet connection left 😉 and then I start getting to work! (earning those bankroll “peanuts” for a extended WSOP stay for two also being on my list 😉

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