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12. July 2006 | Category: 50outs

Now that is what I call a compliment: Barney Boatman from The Hendon Mob asked Katja to exchange 5% with her! In a pot-limit event, a betting variant know as the most difficult! Wow. Barney knows Katja from the 888 nations cup earlier this year (where she played incredible poker vs. Tony Blum and Thomas “Thunder” Keller as all Channel4 viewers already wittnessed).

According to Katja they both have “many chips”, whatever this means. In the cardplayers report Barney is listed 19th position with 280 players left. Katja is not listed there yet, they keep on ignoring her 😉 In fact I am not surprised about the fact (but about the actual offer from a pot-limit specialist) as Katja is really good at pot-limit – our “home game” is mostly €500 buyin pot-limit so she is very used to the betting structures, the advantages and pitfalls in that game. For whatever its worth, I take it as huge compliment to Katja and her achievements over the last years.

4:00 PM: Now they finally list Katja with 5525 in chips on spot 26th of 252 left.

4:30 PM: Katja has 6,000 in chips, about the same as Barney she just told me. Players are now on break after level 4. With ~230 left 54 will be in the money.

5:05 PM: Barney gone

Tue Jul 11 16:57:00 PDT 2006
Boatman Eliminated
Barny Boatman ($4,800) raises $700 from under the gun. A player in middle position calls. Jose Torres ($8,000) reraises to $1,900 from the button. Boatman reraises all in for $2,250 more. The player in middle position folds and Torres calls. Boatman turns over AK. It’s a race as Torres has JJ. The flop comes T76. The turn is the 5 and Boatman will need an Ace or King to survive. It doesn’t come as the 5 falls on the river. Torres has $14,700 after winning the pot of more than $10,000.

6:00 PM: I have no news, according to cardplayer Katja has 4500 in chips which means she just plays/defends her blinds. This would fit into our short WSOP history here so far, getting cold decked during levels 4-8. I hope she hangs in and I see her during the dinner break.

6:30 PM: Katja called, it’s dinner break now. The is in bad mood as totally card dead since over two hours, 82o, 73o, J2o etc etc all the time. She tried two moves against the blinds but got reraised both times and had to lay it down. She has 2200 in chips only now, about 25% of the average stack size. I go over now to the Rio’s to support her (for what it’s worth…).

I will add to this post as I get new informations so check back.

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