No Vegas :-(

23. November 2004 | Category: 50outs

Hell, I played like crazy to make it but failed. Katja and I decided that we try to make it to Vegas out of a busy situation next week to the five diamands at the Bellagio IF we manage to make 20k online, playing these 30/60 tables at party. The tournaments look so good and we would have taken a flight on December 1st and stayed there a full week with two weekends ’till the 12th. With about 34,000$ only for the buyins this is far from a cheap trip and if you also calculate the money we won’t earn in this time we are even more close to 50k for the trip. So we said, 10k from a nice weekend are already there, 4k were made in small games during the week so we need about 6k more and the race would be on.

From the first hand on nothing went like it should. I got roasted. While the only hand I remember is a major suckout on my part I know I got my ass handed to me. I played about 11,000 hands in 6 days and lost to the tune of 10k. What was easy two weeks before looked impossible now. The suckout I did (out of maybe 10 over all these hands) went like this: I had a nearly-maniac player at all three of my tables named slanskysux who played all tables with 5,000 each (like me) and was down about 4k together. He stated he is playing 15 hours straight so he was a little of. I sure dont gave him any credit. I was dealt AQo in MP and raised, he re-raised in LP and four player saw a flop of AT6, all different suits. There was a bet, I raised, slanskysux 3 bets, one fold, on calls, I capped although I was afraid the other remaining player has two pair or AK. Turn was annother ace, 4 suits open, check, bet from me, raise from slanskysux the other player folds, I thought for a moment, re-raised only to get it capped from him. Oh well I thought, honestly thinking I was beat at this moment but I could certainly not fold with three aces and a pot big like that. River was – ACE. I happily bet BUT GOT RAISED!!! Sitting there with the stone cold nuts I re-raised, he called, I showed my four aces and he folded. He wrote something about “xxxing unbelievable” into the chat so I went to the hand history to see what he held – he had TT, flopped the set and had me beat to runner-runner boat or quads. Uhh I shivered. Slanskysux, in case you read here, sorry for that one. I still stand for my thoughts and play but that one must have hurt a lot, more if you are already behind 4k. What hurts us now is that we failed and instead of going to Vegas we stay in the office and only read about “our” tournaments. Schnief, and I would have liked to see the newly extended forum shops so much, I don’t even going to think about the side action that I miss now.


Katja and I got mentioned in a newspaper (no pictures). See the -german- article here.

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