No more free time

4. July 2006 | Category: 50outs

Yesterday was a very slow and very nice day for us. We had nothing scheduled for the day so we did only what we liked most. After going to the pool two hours in the morning we went back to our room and after resting a little bit more 🙂 we finally dressed up and went to the Rio’s. We had changed our minds and concluded that it would be perfect for Katja to play the Tuesday $5,000 NLHE event. So we bought her in, catched up with some buddies and played some satellites afterwards. Still, no success. In one tournament I found KK vs. AA very early and shoved my remaining chips in in the very next hand with AKs only to be called by AA again. Nice 5 minutes satellite. In the next one I managed to get al my money in on a K high flop, no draw, with AK but guy called me with 99 and boom! 9 on the turn. Katja had no success either, she lost a key hand that I missed and when she moved her remaining chips in with AQs she got not only called by one player holding KK but by another holding AA!

After that we went to the new Pokerstars hospitality suite (pics scoming soon), talked with some people there and just hanging around for a while. After returning to the Wynn we played some black jack, finally winning something. Back to the room. Back to the black-jack tables. Win some more. Get a free diner comp. We very much enjoyed that free dinner sitting at the poolside by night in the very nice Terrace Pointe Cafe. There is nothing better than winning in luck games, getting comped for it and getting very good food and a very nice atmhosphere. That is how the casino makes customers coming back and it works. The Wynn is definitly our favorite spot now in Las Vegas (winning or not). We just extended our stay here for some more nights 🙂

Katja Thater Poker WSOP pokerstars WSOP

As Katja was scheduled now to play the next days big event, the 5k NLHE, she decided to go sleep very early (at least for a poker player) but I was all pumped up and ready to get into action a little bit more. So, leaving her at the elevators I went straight to the poker room and into a 30/60 game.

Fortunatly I had a good start, winning some BB’s very early as I was in for rough night. After about two hours of playing I got moved to the main game and this felt like a barbeque station with me being the poor meat. I played my absolute best game, very selective, very aggressive but managed to lose all my money. Well, almost. I was all-in about 4 am in the morning but won the hand (KK held up ohh miracle) and then slowly worked my way back. At 6 am I left the shorthanded game, finally being a winner again! I know I know, fluctuations, variance and stuff but there is nothing better than finally touching some money after a losing weekend. Let’s hope this carries on and good luck to Katja, she is leaving to the event right now!

Next days are full of action, hopefully day2 of todays event, $1500 7stud, $1500 limit holdem, $2500 NLHE, ladies event, pot limit event, one more NLHE, many opportunities!

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