Must be the age

28. June 2006 | Category: 50outs

Kaja Thater MissSlick Poker WSOP

Yesterday we had big plans for extended action both in terms of live play and WSOP satellites. We went to the Wynn buffet for a nice lunch. This buffet is by far the best in town in my opinion. The location awfull nice, the selection is great, the quality above all questions and the service is perfect. The price? The lunch buffet is $19 per person (+tax). Decide yourself! Afterwards we browsed some more shoppes at the Wynn and in the Fashion Show Mall before going back to the room. Our plan was to sleep for 2-3 hours, go the Rio’s, play some satellites and then split-up: me going to the cash games and Katja going to sleep early.

Well, the first time we woke up was about 10 PM and we looked at each other, shrugging shoulders and were like “what the hell” and laughing. The next thing I know it is 4 AM (the next day!) and we both wake up slowly. We slept >12 hours and missed all the action! Wow! And that, most remarkably, although our bankroll is still intact. That just never happened before. I mean, extended sleeping over periods of 16+ hours have happened before but at all times we have been broke to the bone when that happened with days (in 1-2 cases even weeks 🙂 before our scheduled flight home was going. It is either we are getting old or Vegas is getting old to us, both ways being no problem, just very surprising. In my first years or regular Vegas visits I have barely slept at all during the first week, I remember a time when I fall asleep on the poker table crashing my chip stack with my forehead after over 3 days of non-stop play. When I finally went to bed after that happened I said to Katja “call me if anything, I take a nap”. About two hours (!) later she called me “come down, come down, she action is just so good!” and – I went down (losing my ass there lol).

We took a early 5 AM breakfast in the coffee shop (just salad for me, omg, what’s happending here???) and now Katja is preparing herself for the tournament with some old guy named “Harrington” (re-reading his very good book “Harrington on Holdem, Part I”). I guess I will go over to the Rio right now and start playing satellites there to get in no-limit shape – after that wild limit holdem night that maybe usefull and necessary.

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