Last chance, for now

9. January 2005 | Category: 50outs

I found the lost picture from weighting at Dec. 31th, 2004. 110kg for me and 138 for him, including clothes.

PPM IV 4th qualifier updates:
-Katja starts with 1,000, I start with 3,000
-Very first hand: 99, it raised and reraised, I call 300, flop comes KKx, I fold to a 500 bet. On the river comes an ace, AQ wins, lol
-Second hand: KJs, no showdown, back to 3,000
-Out after 20 minutes: holding TT I reraise to 300, flop comes T high, two players, he checks, I check, turn is Q, he checks, I bet, he raises, I movein, he calls gladly with QQ. Board pairs but not ten.
-Katja also out, after 40 minutes, holding AJ (I know no details)

Better this way, quick and early in the tournament than plaing 9 hours and still not getting there… no more comments right now.

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