Katja out of main event

2. August 2006 | Category: 50outs

Katja just got busted out of the main event. Although she was in a “good mood” for tournament by being angry in the morning for no obvious reason (see PokerStars blog interview here) she could not get an action guy away from his top pair/top kicker with her top pair/medium kicker on very scary board and then lost an race with a small pair against AQ two open pairs made the A play). Thats all I know right know as I have not been able to watch the table (this WSOP is not an spectator railbird event – you get thrown out, keept out and treated just as bad as possible).

So, now our WSOP 2006 “adventure” is over. Katja managed to finish ITM two times which is pretty good but overall we lost a pretty good sized chunk of money here this year. Still, there are good things that happened to Vegas to us this time beside having delicious dinners, much fun and meeting a lot of great people:

1) Katja just got confirmed as a full member of “Team PokerStars” which will be made public in the next few days. There is a media “one-on-one” on Thursday which she will attend in that new status already. As the european marketing manager said during one of our negotiations “8000 players down there would give there right arm to be member of this team” this is a great honor and a very good opportunity for Katja. There will be much more about this in the next months as her “obligations” include playing all the EPT events, many european/online/media/charity/etc events and being on TV doing poker stuff almost fulltime. Congratulations Katja! (Now, if I could only could get her to be smiling again as being busted out of the main event is still taking a big toll on her mood).

2) PokerStars and I got to an agreement that I will be their german blogger and drive the german PokerStars blog full responsible, reporting about online and offline events all over germany and europe. This in fact will send me to the very same places where Katja goes anyway and is just a perfect combination for all parties involved. Also it is agreed that I don’t report from the spectators point-of-view only but from a player/participant standpoint 🙂

So things could be much worse I guess. Now, let me try to understand that myself.

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