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15. November 2006 | Category: 50outs

Reporting live from the crazyness of a TV commercial production here. I am sitting in one of the most beautiful hotel rooms I have ever been in, a €3,600/night hotel suite in the Adlon Hotel in Berlin and I feel like the eye of a storm. I have no task here except to stay out of everyones way. Everyone is like 20+ people who are producing a commercial TV spot for PokerStars for the german market here with Katja.


The stuff they brought into the room should bring a rocket to the moon, that much is it. People everywhere. Sound, camera, director, assistants, visagists, PokerStars marketing people etc. etc. – you get the image. The online poker lion showing it’s teeth here.

Having sleept only 3 hours is not really helfull here, Katja is in action so she is not really feeling the tireness but I do. Yesterday we went to our local cardroom, played the small €200 NLH tourney (I got 2nd, splitting the pricemoney 50/50) and joinded the pot limit holdem game thereafter. Bad idea. We both got outdrawn in some big pots for the first 4 hours and while Katja made a small comeback to lose only a very small amount I lost big time. Some examples? Katja had 5-5, flop A-5-9, all the money goes in (known opponent, Ace was sure thing) with bet-raise-reraise-allin. Turn 4, river 3, opponent shows A-2 (straight). I play A-9 vs. Q-9, board reads 8-9-K-9, almost all the money goes in (2k), river Q. I resucked one time when I flopped two pair, three hearts on the flop. Opponent has flush ready but I river a full house. That was about the only lucky break I got all night. Anyway, it got late, 4 AM before we left the casino and we had to leave at nine to Berlin for this shooting. Nothing packed. Oh well.

Anyway we’re here, Katja in great shape making it very easy for the production team as always, she is just a natural in this media work. I do some emails and watch the professionals here doing a tremendous job.


Tomorrow starts the german poker championship here in Berlin. I already wrote about all the details in the german pokerstars blog.

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