Happy x-mas

22. December 2005 | Category: 50outs

This will be my last post before xmas and I just wanted to wish you all a very happy chrismas this year and nice holidays in case you have some (I do). Xmas will be family/playing event for us this year and full week off from work until new year comes pretty welcome, too. Need a break!

For all you wetdreamers nice guys here is an image showing pretty explicit what online poker at our place is really all about ­čśë

Playing a $50 NLHE tournament this week I received a compliment about our little blog from Mike (artiecat/arthur2000) that lead us to a small small conversation during the first break. We both had been running pretty well with my stack being at 3,800 and his at 4,900 while the average still was about 2,200 or something (I had already about 7k but lost a 73% favorite). Anyway, he asked me if I would write about him if he would go to bust me out of the tourney; I said no, if I would be writing about everyone beating me I could also publish a world-phone-book. He then asked to be written about if I were going to bust him (add him to my small 3 entrys long personal phonelist) but still I refused, laughing. Being the sick compulsive gambler that I am I made him the following offer: if he (artiecat) goes all-in on the very first hand after the break I would not only call him without even looking at my hand but I would also write about it. He agreed. So the guy stood to his word and shoved all-in for 4,900 on the very first hand hand. I promised to call and so I did although not really ‘blind’ as I had seen my hand on the deal and it was 59o (which makes me an even more sick gambler I guess). Great, all others folded (which I can hardly understand as we both have been in early position and our conversation was in stars public chat window). Artiecats showed A7o and was a clear favorite… until the flop which was 456 giving me a pair! For a second it looked good for me until the turn came a 3, giving him a straight and left me drawing dead. He won the pot and got the chiplead. Good gamble, artie!! (artie contacted me the following day via msn and told me that he had put the chips to good use, winning the tournament. Congratulations again, nice talking, playing and gambling with you ­čÖé

While Katja is playing/grinding some limit holdem I will be next up for both the big tournaments on stars and party next sunday; stars even add $100,000 to their event. Great value!

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