Guy to my right

21. July 2005 | Category: 50outs

While browsing the net (best way to destroy workplace productivity) I found an article from Denis Watermann on I had never heard of him before but his picture looked familar to me – the guy that have beaten my AA with 66 in level 6 of the WSOP 2005 main event.

His full article here

Read how he describes “Mr. Calling Station” (very well). Indeed, he does whine a little about his bad luck later in the tournament where he lost a race with 77 against AK. He also described the hand where “Mr. Calling-Station” called my all-in bet with the 9h5h trash hand but he is incorrect about his holdings: it was the KQ of hearts, I do remember that hand very well (lol)

Please note also that I dont blame him for beating me with 66 vs. my rockets, I blame my bad luck to loose the first real hand I had for hours right away. I would probably have played the hand in question the same way he did given his position and stack size. Sorry to hear that he does not made better use of my chips 😉

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