First contact with pestilence

29. June 2006 | Category: 50outs

Today we are short on time (Event #4 $1500 Limit Holdem begins in two hours which we both play) so I post just a short update now although there are many stories to tell. Overall it was the first (and last Grrrrrrrrr!) day where nothing went our way.

WSOP Katja Thater Poker

We both dropped out of the $1500 pot-limit event #3 in level 5 after two breaks. It was just not meant to be, the one time I had aces everybody folded to my big blind and when I found KK in early position in level 5 I had to lay it down on a AQx flop when my opponent re-raised me all-in (when I showed my kings before folding he showed QQ, outch). I was ultra-short on chips and got impatient then and shoved with KT (a “quality” holding for many other players there worth a re-raise lol) but got called by AQ and lost. Katja lost her chips with AJ and A on the flop when opponent called with 55 and turned a 5 (money in on flop).

Afterwards I played a $175 satellite to “steam” off and got the 2:1 chip lead with 5 players left. Then I lost 99 to A4 (he shoved in the SB and I called in the BB), the next hand I went all-in on the SB with AQs but BB called with 88, A in flop but 8 on turn and he doubled up. Then I limped with K9 of diamonds, flop came K high with two diamonds, one player bets, I come over the top but he calls for all his chips with AQ. Turn J, river T (no diamond), giving him a straigbht. Now I am finally short-stacked and move all-in with 66 but no chance – JTo gets there and I am out in 5th position, oh wow.

Over to the Bellagio but the waiting list for 30/60 is 70 (!)players long so I go to the Mirage to play some 20/40. There they take $1500 from me in no time (I won only one “pot” when the SB folded and throwed his chips over with the remark “donation”). The highlight was flopping the nut flush, in no way slowplaying it and losing it on an unpaired board to the river-gutshot straight flush. Ahhh, and losing KK in the BB to the preflop 4-betting opponent holding J7 was not fun either…. he raised, I re-raised in the BB and he made it 4 bets. I just called to raise later. Flop comes three small hearts, I have the K of hearts. No help somewhere (I only called turn and river fearing AA with Ah) after the flop was capped.

Then, over to the Wynn, nice poker room, seat in the 30/60. Lots of action, wiiiild players. I lost there also to the tune of $1400. ,ostly thankfull to one giant $2500 pot when I lost set-over-set full-house with flush and straight on board (4 players!). Board was K96-5-5, one had flush, one straight, one 99 and I had 66. Me met a few people there and it was a nice evening (except losing of course).

Now we leave to the Rio, better luck today!

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