28. February 2006 | Category: 50outs

Extension #1: On reoccuring demand I added a “quick post selection” combo-box to the blog today which list just all posts in descending (date) order, not just the last 10 as in the sidebar. Enjoy reading the older posts.

Extension #2: Katja did it just again; saturday we both played a live 30 player €200 NLHE tournament. While I busted out very early (about 10th) with AKd vs. AA which I could not lay down against THE rock when he re-reraised all-in Katja was successfull again; being a close second in chips they made a three way deal to split up the price money according to some key (I guess the difference was who will pay the tip to the dealers or something). Very impressive showing from Katja in the last weeks! For all who may not know it so far: Casino Schenefeld is hosting a three-day tournament series from March 9th until March 11th, featuring a €100+€100 Rebuy+€100 add-on event on 9th, a €200+€200+€200 event on 10th and a €300+€300+€300 final event on 11th. Go register, maximum 50 seats! Michael Keiner, Andreas Krause (who just got 4th in the Bregenz main-event, congrats Andy!) and Roland Specht of the german nations cup team will come, too.

Extension #3: Katja just did annother couple of interviews and a small poker gig for digital tv station. Katja appeared in the current “Max” magazine and there will be some even bigger thing coming up in near time.

Extension #4: I almost forgot them, we have another local “Casino”, the Spielbank-Hamburg where I played pot-limit stud almost 15 years until they lost the battle vs. the “newcomer” Casino Schenefeld and almost all action went there. They are changing name and place this year, they will be called “Casino Esplanade” in the future and have a much nicer setting there. More important, the look to be serious about taking on poker again. They just published a schedule for the year which lists all their tournaments. There must be going on something behind the scenes also as I found this on the ‘net, stating they will host a €15,000.00 buyin tournament with 300 seats late in 2006 as the final event of the showdown poker tour. I am very suspicous about that informations and can hardly believe this will taking place for real – nobody here would play a 15000eur (~20k USD) right away and satellites should be already underway if this is serious. And I just can’t imagine 300 international pros coming to germany – yet. We’ll see.

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