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13. October 2005 | Category: 50outs

WOW! Pokerstars choosed our small blog here as the winner of their daily “Blogger Championship” (check it out Here is what they wrote to me:

Congrats, you are the winner of our PokerStars Blogger Championship free daily give away! I chose your blog from over 1,000 for being a cool blog, layout and content wise. Pretty nice compliment with the many I have looked over.

Thank you Ryan and thank you pokerstars! We put quite some work into the blog and fellow readers, keeping honest about whats going on is sometimes harder than you might think, especially when things don’t go your way (which was pretty often the case in the last 14 months since this blog is running)

In conjunction to that I was requested to repost our “adventures” in Tunica and Las Vegas this year; especially the Vegas post received quite a lot of attention and shows how all can be perfect but one still manages to fuck up dearly (Note: all posts are still available if you use the month selector but I obviously should include a full post listing into the navigation very soon). Here are the links:

Gett’n roasted… all around (Vegas April 2005)
Tunica trip report (Janury 2005),
Tunica: Nightly calculation (statistics from hell)

Well, in regard of actually playing the game I got superstious from reading my friend Matt’s posts about he always get on a bad streak once he writes about a good run he has – he says it’s pretty much all over once you hit “publish” button and already made a comment how some sites maybe have a whole bunch of blog readers hired which hit the “doom” switch in your account. So I decided to not write about that I was on a pretty nice rush the last days and made some nice money in the 30/60. Matt, it looks like they made an upgrade to mind readers as even thinking about writing that I am on a good run looks like finishing it. From one point to the other I could not make (win) a hand and I lost a pretty big chunk back 🙁 Now let’s see if they de-doom me as I write and think about losing… 😉

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