10. October 2006 | Category: 50outs

Beat in
The Baden Open is over for me. 15/181 for €3,500.

Play started today with 28 players and 4 player went out in the first 30 minutes. It took about 2 hours more to eleminate the other 4 and reach the money spots. In all those 3 levels I had one time 7-7, raised in MP, all folded and one time 9-9 which I folded to an UTG raiser. That was it. No pairs, no suited connectors, no two face cards. When we have been down to the final 16 players I found A-J once, raised, all fold.

In the last hand before the break I find 5-5 UTG and as I have only about 6 BB left I go all-in right away. All fold to the button, who makes the call. Blinds pass and button shows A-Q. That guy has won a huge pot (130,000+) just a few hand before when he called a raise with Q-T, saw a T-7-3 board and went all-in, only to meet his opponent with A-T. Don’t worry, a Q comes on the turn and the river brings another 10. So he was already lucky.

In our hand the flop came Q-5-7, I made a set! Wow, almost unloseable, right? No, because the turn was an A and the river another A (argh) and he makes a better full-house. My old friend PokerStove says I should win this hand on the flop in 98% and before the flop in about 55%.

So, my dream of becoming 3rd was not to be. Today.

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