And what does that say about me?

16. April 2007 | Category: 50outs

A friend mailed me this link where guys have their usual monthly "hottest chick" thread on 2+2. Looks like this:


More true words have never been found.

My poker life is much boring – I win small live tourmaments, dominate the seldom holdem and omaha cash games to which I go by playing totally unpredictable and hitting some cards and otherwise dream about the WSOP experience this year. Only a few weeks left until we go – actually I start by playing the very first event, a mixed FL/NL holdem $5,000 event. They play 30 minutes of  each there. No idea how this will work out but as I am playing both games perfectly these days (see what hitting two pair with 74o can make out of you? 😉 I really don’t care. My WSOP excel sheet is a wet dream, I have planned for not only one event a day, no, on most days I plan to play two events! My plan includes playing the 5 p.m. event even if am still in the noon event – is this crazy? What am I going to do if I reach any second day? Or god beware, make the third day in one? Play like 6 events at the same time?? Well, the answer is – YES!! Damn, give me a super satellite and a laptop, too! I’m hot!

Calming down I watch Katja play limit holdem $100/200 here and then and she is cleaning the game right now. I don’t even discuss hands with her anymore as there are so rare situations that I believe to know something better than she is and that must be a hell lot as her results this year are tremendously. I need to keep her out of the higher games (where really though opponents are sitting) by applying brute force sometime 😀

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